Thursday, 26 November 2009


I came across this circle just outside
the Aboriginal Brambuk Cultural Centre in the Grampians
(of which more in the next posting)
With its opening in the left hand side, it reminded me
of the spirit line I came across when I studied pottery
with the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico.

There I was told that the opening in the spirit-line,
painted on the lip of their bowls
was there to allow the spirit of the potter to get out
and the spirit of the bowl to get in.
This, I was told, was important, because if your spirit gets caught up in anything
you cannot move/grow anymore
Important advice for the rest of my life......

'Always choose Life'


  1. never argue or disagree with the spirits..

  2. I see this 'break' or pause in design carrying through many designs in many cultures... and certainly use the concept, too. Since it makes wonderful sense to be able back out of a work to leave room for the other spirits to come in and have a sit. -Jayne

  3. this is something to remember.....