Tuesday 31 December 2013


on boxing day Greg and Sally Malcher 
took me to an event in the biggest bowl in Australia

the MCG

a huge bowl, the inside lined 
with cricket enthusiasts
which filled the bowl with 
mexican waves
love and hate
lots and lots of noise
moment of intense silence
followed by 
wave after wave of human response
to the activities on the field

the field
where australians were seeking revenge
for years of loss of honour
as a result of loss of matches

they got their revenge
with their fourth win in Melbourne

my interest was with the bowl and the sound traveling around it
the emotions of it all

a huge singing bowl

"If everything is coming your way, you are in the wrong lane"


Friday 27 December 2013


this bowl, from my 2013 exhibition, was
selected for a project by Helen Davies
for an intriguing and wonderful project titled:
52 sound paintings
where the artist celebrates her 52nd birthday
for a year by creating a sound painting 
of the artwork of one artist each week
and i was the lucky artist chosen for the third week
check it out on:


and then if you like it you can enjoy 
all of the other artists' chosen
and Helen's musical response to them

When a good idea gets out, things begin to happen

Wednesday 18 December 2013


"During the Second World War, 
Winston Churchill’s finance minister 
said Britain should cut arts funding 
to support the war effort. 
Churchill’s response: 
“Then what are we fighting for?”"

Tuesday 10 December 2013

TheSmallestGalleryInVictoria (maybeAustralia)

some years ago, when I noticed an empty window 
at the Red Star cafe in Hepburn Springs. 

I got an idea. 
And 'when you have a good idea, act upon it'.
the idea was to create a small gallery in this space.

i proposed the idea to Ed, the owner, and he was into it.

i invited the artists on my database 
and the first one was Oliver Patsch
this was on November 2011. 
the present exhibitor is Kim Haughie
a local ceramicist

we have had painters
photographers etc.

both professionals and amateurs

the gallery is run on a volunteer basis
Ed does not charge for the space
and i do not charge for my monthly organisation time

a wonderful community project

so far we have had 25 artists in 
the 'RedStarWindowGallery'

and i have bookings until November next year

a small project with a big heart

Restore your sense of wonder