Sunday 12 October 2014


 the landscape
is divided into halves
by the linear road ahead

on the road to lake mungo

although the earth is deep red
and the sky is liquid blue
there is a greyness about the vegatation
as if everything is covered 
in an ancient coating 
of spidery fine dust

on the edge of the lake
which has been empty for 15.000 years
is a huge woolshed
which has been empty for probably 
one hundred years

on this raised spot 
i feel as if i am standing on the edge 
of a huge shallow bowl
filled with desert delight
the delight of silence
to be in this tremendous stillness
the lure of the desert
the healer of the spirit

 The soft airbrushed sand of the edge, the lunette, 
of the lake

 the wind carved sculptural forms
of the edge of the lake

 no sooner had the sun set in the west
when the full moon, like a coin, 
appeared from a slot in the horizon
in the east and rose majestically into the darkening sky
where it hung suspended silently,
filled with promise

a small fire at the end of the day
as a companion to enjoy the night sky 
and a single song bird
"the pace of happiness is calm"