Thursday 29 December 2011


the venus flower basket
has a tale of sex and death.
the basket is a curved tube like glass sponge
created in intricate lattice work.

it is a bridal chamber
for a pair of tiny male and female shrimps
of the spongicola family.

the pair enters the bridal suite,
made in their beautiful home of the sea.
the young ones produced from this union
escape from the basket
while still in the embryo stage,
while the parents die  inside the chamber.

'Your children get only one childhood'


Friday 23 December 2011


 burned forest bones


all things summon us to death.
nature, almost envious of the good
she has given us,
tells us often,
and gives us notice,
that she cannot for long
allow us that scrap of matter
she has lent..........
she has need of it for other forms,
she claims it back for other works."

found at the mona art museum of old and new art

'after each big event take some time of'

Tuesday 13 December 2011

snowflakes in the summer forest

"he, to whom nature
begins to reveal 
her open secrets, 
will feel an irresistible yearning
for her most worthy interpreter: