Saturday 10 March 2012


i have been off the blog for a while
i recently received some difficult news
i was diagnosed with cancer
and as with most of these events it is not so much the news, 
but what you do with it

when i was told i went into the forest
and spend ten hours on the artwork above
it wasn't so much making the work
as placing myself into a creative state of mind
the state i needed to process the information i received
it worked and i was soon on top of it

i decided to document the whole of the story
then, send it in installments to my concerned family and friends
and regard it as just another art project
bought a voice recorder and will carry my camera

then, for some reason of magic
the ABC open picked it up
and asked me to tell my story in a series of guest blogs
which i decided to do
this is the link, it has one of my stories
and soon the story of 'the dance of life' will be published


           'When it comes to going after what you love in life, don't take no for an answer.