Wednesday 11 June 2014


i walk daily in the forest, the place where i live
i do this for health and for the appreciation 
of my amazing environment
so that i will not ever take it for granted
the health aspect is a strong energetic walk
the one for appreciation is a 
meandering cruise off the forest paths
today was such a walk
enjoying the freshness of the winter air 
and the wonderful fresh forest fragrances
i never come across any other walkers
but then today I did 
there was another walker, a forest spirit.
who, when he came across me, asked me 
if i was looking for magic mushroom
i wasn't
i was just looking, not with an expectation of anything in mind
but rather just to see what was on offer on the forest floor
which is the theme of an exhibition i am working on

however i was intruiged by his question
since i had never knowingly seen a magic mushroom
so i asked him if he could he point some out to me
which he did and here they are on top of the page

the question then arose 
"are they illegal"

because as strange as it may sound
we humans are weird
and actually declare some plants illegal
my question is: how can a plant possibly be illegal?
i shall try out the magic by making some tea of this lot 
and enjoy the spirit of the inner forest
'Keep your mind in a happy place'