Sunday 30 August 2009


when nature's summer garments
have been removed
one by one
by autumn
and autumn herself
stripped bare
by winter
I find
in the early exposures
the inner drawings
of tree life

patterns and structures

into the domain
sacred geometry

"Without vision, people perish"

Friday 28 August 2009


this is a small daffodils garden bouquet
around here it heralds spring
then, in many places in the forest
similar bouquets spring up
showing us where houses used to be
(around hundred years ago during the gold rush)
and if you investigate you usually find evidence of a fireplace
the hearth, the last remaining remnants of previous occupiers

"The Best Is Yet To Come"

Tuesday 25 August 2009


It started innocently last week
I had in mind to start my vegetable garden
but an hour into the project it started to rain
I came in and decided to make a cup of tea
and noticed how grubby the enamel pot was
when I washed it I also noticed all my enamel collection
on the top shelf had years of dirt accumulated
I washed each item
which led to cleaning each item in the whole of the kitchen
I then washed down the shelves, that done
went to the hardware shop and bought a tin of warm ochre paint
and painted the whole of the kitchen

"when a good idea gets out, things begin to happen"

Monday 10 August 2009


This morning I fed 'the Supremes', my three black chooks,
some left over food in a white bowl.
When, some time later I came in the collect the bowl
I was rewarded with an intriguing, and very beautiful, pattern
left in the bowl after picking it empty

'Getting lost and finding your way again'

Monday 3 August 2009


This is an image of the entrance, plus the first sign which greets you,
to an exhibition by Len Lye

An inspirational exhibition at ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne,
featuring two aspects of Len Lye's creative career.

Part one: many examples of his work with film
where he manipulates the actual film
draws on it with colour
scratches it with various tools
all accompanied by jazz music of the era (the thirties)

Part two: Kinetic sculptures which with their strong lighting
and precise movements
created not only the most astounding shapes as a result of the movements
but also a joy in the audience which was palpable

The exhibition is on till 11th October
it is free and well worth a visit

"you must give birth to your images, they are the future waiting to be born"