Monday 29 December 2008


Each year, a while before my birthday,
I allow a few weeks of space
For a word to find me.

Words such as listen, courage, kindness, discipline,
Have been part of this annual project
A word concept for the year
This year’s word, which knocked on my door, is ‘fearless’

The reason for this project is that when the going gets tough
I call upon the word and apply it to the situation
This usually results in a little movement
And where there is a little movement, a lot more is usually possible

In most cases this is enough to turn the situation around
To dig yourself out of the hole
And to lighten the load
At least that is what I found

A few years ago I marked the concept word of ‘discipline’ with a project
I called my mother and asked what time I was born
The answer was 10 minutes to midday
I named my project that
And for a year, exactly each day at Ten to Midday,
I took a photograph of where I was at the time.
This resulted in 365 images
Of which the above was one

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’

Monday 22 December 2008


When I was an artist in residence at a Korean University and, as a result of my curiosity, I used to visit a Buddhist temple each Sunday evening. The temple presented a weekly meditation plus talk in English for foreigners. This was followed by a discussion and cup of tea. Since most foreigners were tourists they would come to this evening maybe once or twice. However, I kept up my visits for half a year. This is how I came to the attention of the head monk. And he, sensing my interest in Zen Buddhism, invited me, at the end of my stay in Korea, to a one-to-one audience with the Zen Master.

This, I knew, was very special. The head-monk prepped me on what to do, how to sit and behave. He also told me I was able to ask just one question. (It is useful to pause here and consider what it is you would ask) I would have to go in, sit down in front of the Master and not say anything, until he indicated that I could ask my question.

The day arrived when the Zen Master held his audiences. There were a number of Korean people waiting in line. One after one they went in. Some took longer than others. When it was my turn I entered the space with due reverence, bowed and took my seat on a cushion in front of the master. I sat as properly as I could with my legs knotted into a pretzel shape and waited. After a while the master gave an almost imperceptible nod with his head, indicating that I could now ask my question. I asked: “How may I become a better artist”. Nothing happened for a period of time. “Attention” he then barked at me, upon which I sat up even straighter, thinking I was not sitting properly. Then with a small gesture of his hand he dismissed me. A one word answer to my one question.

It took me a while to figure this advice. But I now know, that we are able to make anything special by giving it our attention. If, however, we are able to give something, or someone, our concentrated attention we are able to find the magic which is inherent in all things. (think here of being in love, for instance)

To test this theory, if something is not working for you. Give it your total attention and see what happens.

Make your work movements as unhurried as caresses

Saturday 20 December 2008


Why is it so uncomfortable to be still

This sign

at the entrance to my garden

speaks (quietly) for itself

a couple of years ago, or longer, I made a sculpture.

It consisted of two grave stones,

one had the word


and one the word


engraved on it

two different words made up of the same letters

Death comes as a messenger of joy

Thursday 18 December 2008


This year marks the 25th anniversary
Of the making of these boots

At the time I was working in Chania, Crete, Greece.
When I would occasionally visit the leather workers street
(it was near my favourite PigBalls Café)

The boots were tailor made for me
They have lasted all this time

The poet and the baker,
(and in this case the boot maker)
both nourish the world

Monday 1 December 2008

'The Supremes'

‘The Supremes’

When recently my friend Nel brought her friend Rose over

for a cup of tea
Rose, spotting my three black chooks/chicks, said:

I’d call them ‘The Supremes’

And here they are newly named

Friday 28 November 2008

Fallen Stars

This morning I found the stars
which had fallen from the sky overnight
in the field next door

Reality is the invention of unimaginative people

Trees reassembled

Two trees have been chopped down, and left, on the roadside
I reassembled them

It is never too late to have a happy childhood

Public Sculpture

Recently I installed a public sculpture
at the entrance to the Hepburn Springs bathhouse. It consisted of a bronze chair
and six story boulders

In this work I have attempted to acknowledge the history of the park
And those who are responsible for its creation
And continued maintenance

Honour the playfulness of spirit that lets everyone win

Saturday 22 November 2008

painted veranda

While sitting on my veranda
I dreamt of painting it

"When you have a good idea, act upon it"

‘Why you haven’t seen me in the paper of late’

Dear Friend and Reader

The new editor of the Advocate, Donna Kelly, has seen it in her wisdom to suddenly, and without warning, pull my fortnightly column from the paper. No reason given but that the paper is going into a new direction.

This made me sad, because I have loved this part of my life since it both inspired and motivated me and provided a strong sense of sharing with my community.

I must say I am not surprised, because I felt I was being slowly elbowed out. I think that in relation to her own new column, ‘My Say’, my writing was far too positive.

Soon after she took office, I was informed that I could now only write columns of 250 words instead of the usual 500. At the same time my reduced writing was moved to, and hidden in, the back section of the paper.

I emailed my reply with the request for one more column. I wanted very much to say goodbye and thank my readers. I would have liked to make the ending more special/official. After all it seemed strange to me that, after more then ten years of my column contributions I was denied this request. I found this more upsetting then having my column pulled. And wondered why.

I found this action totally depressing, disappointing and very unprofessional.

So I am writing to let you know why I, from now on, will not be writing for the paper anymore.

I would like to thank you for your reading, for your support and for your remarks over the last ten years, all of which I have enjoyed.

Would you please forward this to the addresses on your locals data base, so that I can thank, and explain to, as many people as possible.

And, if you think I have been treated somewhat shoddily, please let Donna know that this is not the way to deal with long time committed contributors to the community spirit. Her contact is:

Advocate Newspaper:

I appreciate your attention
and thank you in advance

Hoping this finds you happy
I send this with a SpringGardenSmile


Monday 17 November 2008

Convent Gallery public artwork

'Holy Cross Journal'
A work in red granite designed for the garden of the Convent Gallery, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.
It was designed as a memorial to the nuns who used to run the actual convent.
Date 2003

Public Artwork for Melbourne

'Architectural Fragment'

My first public art commission
for the city of Melbourne

Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia.
Installed 1992

Friday 25 July 2008


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Inner Landscapes


July 23 till August 16

Gallery 101,

101 Collins Street Melbourne

ph: 61 3 9654 6886