Wednesday 14 May 2014


this photograph 
was taken by one 
of the clay space people 
who attended the wood firing 
which i wrote about a couple of blogs ago

i do not know what is happening here 
but i think we just stoked the kiln
and the flames were reaching out for oxygen

whatever it was it looks pretty spectacular

one of the many super moments at the kiln firing

--> ‘lord, grant that I desire more than I can accomplish’ 


Saturday 3 May 2014


on an ordinary saturday morning
i take a stroll around my house
and i am always and again surprised 
at the beauty in some of the views
so close by

then i wonder why i need to go anywhere
when the image of paradise is in my own backyard

"worrying is praying for what you do not want"

Thursday 1 May 2014



over the weekend of the 27th april
clay space fired their big wood fired kiln
the project started with a making day
where those interested attended a workshop
to make clay objects for the firing
this was followed by a  wood cutting day
where most of us came to minna's block 
and cut endless pieces of 65cm long wood
 then we packed the kiln
and on the morning of sunday the 27th of april the firing started at 2.30 am
and finished almost 24 hours later on monday at 2 am

above, looking at the fire through one of the air intake ports

 on the thursday following an excited group of people opened the kiln

above,  is the view of the fire box with some objects packed in it
beyond which you can see the main kiln chamber with its setting

above,  looking at the stand of fired ceramic ware 
after the door was taken out of the kiln

after a struggle to get to temperature
which we did not achieve the result was very promising
the hard work we all put in was rewarded
with some great glazed pieces

clay space is a non for profit organisation of which i am a director
our aim is to promote ceramics and make it available for anyone interested
we have a classroom and conduct classes 

there is a gas kiln available for rent

apply to:

'mastery is not a commitment to a goal, but a continuous pursuit'