Sunday 9 June 2013


Korean culture enjoys and celebrates ceramics. 
In Korea ceramics are an important part of the culture and, unlike in our culture, potters and ceramicists are respected and at times revered. There is in Korea a history of ceramics which goes back to the beginning of their civilisation and has continued until today and will continue well into the future. 
The town of i-chon in South Korea, is an important ceramic center. Every two years this fact is celebrated with an international ceramic convention, which attracts an huge Korean and international audience, both in terms of participation and observation. There are many exhibitions, workshops plus series of lectures. 
This year a new concept was added to an already impressive program. 'Talks by Artists', is a forum which introduces artists presenting their ideas in relation to their work. There are no guidelines and as a result this will be an interesting addition to the event. 
The Korean Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) send out a brief, asking for expressions of interest and, as a result of my connection with Korea I received an invitation to submit a talk.

I felt that after having worked with clay and enjoying writing about my concepts and discoveries in relation to the medium for over forty years, I would be able to make a worthwhile contribution.
I thought a novel idea was to write in a poetic style and try to express the emotions which are at work in my ceramic making. Here is a sample:
Throughout my life, a life involved in art and ceramics and everything which is part of it, this has been a mystery to me. Something which keeps on recurring. I visit a museum and find myself standing in front of an ancient piece of ceramic ware. I respond to it. However, I do not only respond to this work on an intellectual or emotional level, although at first one would think so. My response surfaces from a deeper place. It seems to come from a level much older, much more ancient. From some aspect in our psyche which has existed from a time well before the intellect and the emotions came into play.

I wrote my artist talk and send a précis (which was requested). After a two months wait I was informed that my artist talk had been accepted. This means that I shall probably go to Korea to present my talk.

in order to share my thoughts with my community, I will also present this illustrated talk for this year's 'Words in Winter', held during august. (Saturday august 3, at 8pm, Sunday 4th august at 4pm at door3 East Street Daylesford. Plus i will present this talk as a floor talk during my exhibition in Bendigo. Wednesday 28th august, 6 p.m. at the Latrobe Art Gallery View Street, Bendigo    

"when it comes to going after what you love in life don't take no for an answer' 

Thursday 6 June 2013


 a new work
it employes an altogether new technique
using imagery from the forest

i am working for an exhibition in Bendigo
during august

the opening will be on the 15th from 6-8 pm
at the latrobe gallery in view street

then there will be a floor talk
on august the 28th
time still worked on

while i am at it
i am also presenting a talk at the daylesford word in winter event
this will be at the door3 theatre in east street
and will be illustrated 

it will be a double bill
i will perform with my god daughter
ms samara radford
who is a young doctor at the alfred hospital and 
who will relate some of her learning adventures

date: 3rd august
time: 8p.m.
date: 4th august
time: 4p.m.

this will be a great night out

come along and experience clay space

"Art exists to disturb the sleep of the world"