Thursday 21 August 2014


i received this today
it was taken in the south of France
which has to be a plus

when you are confronted with your name
(which, in my case, is already somewhat unusual)
in such an surprising expression of it

it makes you feel 
a little strange
a little familiar
a little confident
a little grateful

and then to find out that Petrus 
is also the name of one of the best wines in France
makes it even more special

it reminded me of my personal project while i was in France
i hitchhiked through France a few times 
(a terrible country to hitchhike through by the way)
i would thank the driver for stopping 
and then in my best french i would introduce myself 
and tell him/her where i was from, and that i was on a quest
this was to find the best red wine in France
and the answer to that was that each time
the wine from their village was the very best.
as a result of this idea i would quite often be taken to 
a hotel, or house or farm and offered a glass of excellent red wine

i have drunk many glasses of excellent wine

and once i was offered a glass of wine 
to try it out and to give them my opinion 
i was always offered a snack of cheese, pate, sausage and bread
(because the french, being civilised, 
do not drink without eating something at the same time)
by then we would be buddies and i was able to ask 
where i could set up my tent
i did the same in Germany with beer
and in Holland with cheese
(working on the pride of the country)

 It is never too late to have a happy childhood