Wednesday 22 June 2011


 When nature's summer garments
have been removed, one by one, by autumn
and autumn herself stripped bare
by winter,
we find in the early exposures
of tree life
Patterns and structures.
explorations into the domain
of sacred geometry

'Creativity, getting lost and finding your way again'

Saturday 18 June 2011


when, after the colour celebration of autumn
trees lose their leaves 
 to reveal their sacred geometry
It is time to haul the winterwood

and there, in the split half of a block of wood
as if by magic, appears
an image of the landscape from which it came
'you are holding your freedom on your own home made leash' 


Thursday 9 June 2011


Wild Woolly Wintry Day
Walking the forest 
Warmly Wrapped
I saw a fire
floating in the sky
or Wanting Warmth?

'you are holding your freedom on your own home made leash'

Saturday 4 June 2011


The signature of my ceramic bowls
is a spiral,
since the bowl manifests through the spiral
and stand on it 
a stable base
fired into strength and longevity

and here it is, fired, like the bowl
 in a clearing of the forest

'The business of man is the arts and all things common'