Thursday 25 September 2014


With the blue grey greens of the winter forest, 
for a background,
 Spring's palette is emerging 
with  a wonderful brilliance in the garden. 
As bright as the colours squeezed straight from the artist's tube. 

There are:

Dobs of Yellow in the cups of the daffodils,

Splashes of Red around the tulips,

A hush of Blue of reflected sky in the bird bath

Shades of Purple in the Dutch Irish,

Flames of  Orange in the wall flower display

While the fresh  sea of Green fills in all the remaining space.

At Spronk’s place Spring's rainbow is springing about.

'Everything you need is close at hand'

Monday 15 September 2014



Keeping 'the art of making' alive in our community becomes an important responsibility. Why? Because we, the homeless artists of door3, believe society and the community needs artists. Artists are important because they are brave enough to still play. To play with old and new materials, with old and new techniques, they reveal the magic which is inherent in them.

Consider this, and then imagine the alternative, life without art and poetry. I mean the art and poetry of everything. Doing without the art of sculpture, the art of architecture, the art of ceramics, the art of dance, the art of cooking, and on and on. Without 'the art' all of these activities would be dead. Meaning, they would not inspire, they would not excite, they would not enrich. Art, like science, is important because it inspires both exploration and greatness in all fields of human endeavour. 

The artist, for whom I speak, plays, and through his or her play with ideas and materials, occasionally comes up with a revelation, a beautiful idea, an exquisite object, a great building, an intriguing story or a moving poem. 

The artist and the poet explore and share the possibilities of magic in an otherwise ordinary world. They show, in one way or another, that there is always another way. The artist and the poet are important in our community because they teach us to play. They remind us of something as simple, but relevant, as our childhood, when there was much magic. Much learning. The magic found in experiencing things for the very first time. Things new. 

This is what the artist and poet do, they awaken in us a sense of wonder, which is the driver of a creative life. They take us on a journey, a special journey, in a world where we are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders. 

Thursday 11 September 2014


A wonderful amorous peacock 
struts his stuff around Jubilee lake

a grand display of an exquisite design

there is a saying  in Korea: 
It is so beautiful no words are needed

'everywhere I go an artist has been there before me'