Monday 30 August 2010



the blowhole at Hepburn has been created
by Chinese miners.
By dynamiting a hole in the rock bridge/wall
and thus creating a diversion in the Old Sailors Creek.
Not quite sure why, but related to
gold mining techniques.

We are left with the blowhole
Always worth a visit, however, these days,
with great amounts of water everywhere

it is an intense place for a energising visit.

The power of the water,
gushing with great energy,

from the rock hole, is palpable,
and transferred to the viewer

Visit the blow hole for an energiser


Tuesday 24 August 2010


Lake Wendouree in Ballarat Victoria,
which I titled: 'LakeWhenToBe'
for a project I presented to a primary school,
an empty bowl filled with weeds
for a number of years,
has with the recent rains re-filled
and been restored to its beautiful self

when I visited it recently
the joy of this replenishment
was for the many visitors,
walking the almost 6ks around its perimeter,
visible in their smiles, attitude and energy

"we are perishing for want of wonder, not for want of wonders"

Tuesday 10 August 2010


I have been absent from my blog for some time
because I have spend my time writing
my memories into text.
Memories from a period as
'artist in residence'

and a 'writer in residence'
both in Korea

It is becoming a book

I take time out
from this sitting and writing activity
by walking in the forest
and daily exploring the beauty which surrounds me.

I am accompanied by my shadow
a comfortable companion

"We Are Perishing For Want Of Wonder,
Not For Want Of Wonders"