Friday 6 January 2012


during the new of new year
one likes to think about the possibilities 
of what that year may bring

standing on the edge of 2012
i would like to think about what the past may bring

my grandparents born, sometime during the 1880s
in a small  place in holland,
and long since past  into that other place of existence
where they are an occasional memory,
would maybe both be excitedandannoyed
and amusedandconfused
to find them selves on a blog
in a small town somewhere in australia
and thus, post mortem, be exposed to the world.
their past brought me that future

the same past which brought, and will continue to bring,
magnificent, super, glorious, sublime,
lovely, delightful, fantastic, tremendous,
incredible, fabulous, and magical surprises

'The heart has its reasons that the mind knows nothing of'