Wednesday 27 April 2011


Finding the balance
in the walk
even slow breathing
in the artwork
even slow breathing
in the evaluation
even slow breathing
in the joy
even slow breathing
in the slow walk home
even slow breathing

'The answer to everything can be found in slow breathing'

Tuesday 26 April 2011


I walked my daily kilometers today
at that time when the sun 
sits quietly on the horizon
while making the most 
of a glorious autumn day

It peers deep into the forest
and illuminates the trees with its magic
'just before going under' light tricks
warm tones of a somewhat mysterious quality

The moment is short, very short
It is therefore very special
to be savoured
wrapped up and taken home
for a special evening meditation

'The pace of happiness is calm'


A fine ephemeral work
the forest is full of special surprises
a slow walk daily will reveal some of them
today I found this
and was grateful

'Is not the core of nature in the heart of man'

Thursday 21 April 2011


I made some hot cross buns today
I make them once a year
it used to be something special
bread with fruit, like cake.

there used to be lots of food
which appeared only once per year
for special events and festivities
which used to be special
now you can buy them year around
more of it? Not so special anymore.
Then there is seasonal food
once this was available only in the season
now it is available year around
Not so special anymore

By having so much
very little is special

'First we raise the dust, then we claim we cannot see'

Monday 18 April 2011


The illegal Immigrants of Manningham Gallery
have moved to be viewed at the 
Convent Gallery, Daylesford
where from a menace 
they have become Easter Bunnies

'When I awake in the morning, I always think: 'Be surprised'
and there is always moment in my day that I am'

Monday 11 April 2011


After the devastation of the harvested forest,
there rises the totem of new growth
it is thus
a continuum
ad infinite

'Poetry is when you make new things familiar and familiar things new'

Monday 4 April 2011


In the moment
there is a thought
In the moment
there is empty mind
In the moment
there is the nothing and the everything
only in the moment
can we find eternity
 and in the forest
I found the moment

'We are sleep walking in The Garden of Eden 
and may awaken to it'