Tuesday 19 June 2012


after my time as a guest blogger for the 'abc open' program
where i wrote about my journey with the big C
titled: the dance of life-the only dance there is
so very eloquently summed up by marc eiden
the open producer at ballarat


i am back in my studio for two projects
one is titled: 'no harm'
commissioned by the hepburn council
more about that in time
and another one a series of bowls
but instead of black bowls this is a series of white bowls
for an exhibition in bendigo next year
plenty of time to play
 after a day in the studio i enjoy a walk in the forest 
it helps me to loosen up from the intensity of the work in the studio

today while walking in the forest 
a flock of chuffs, startled flew up through the trees
i 'saw' it, went home and got a small bucket of white clay
and on the blackboard of the trees
drew my experience

'for man is by nature an artist'