Friday 31 January 2014


I am presently working on a project
at the sound shell in the 

spa reserve in Hepburn Springs

I was asked some time ago
if I could do something about
the appearance of this feature

I sat with it for a few days on site
and at one time noticed
a flock of birds tumbling 
above the sound shell

this became my inspiration
this was two years ago
and after a long time waiting 
for permits and maintenance work 
which had to be done
i am finally installing the work

"The rewards for practicing patience, is patience."

Thursday 16 January 2014

For Ivor In Friendship

i just had a call from Sam Bowen to let me know that his father
our friend 
has passed away

i have lit a candle to light his way 
to that place where we will all meet

then i went into my garden to think 
of all the things I could remember about him

short poem:
I thought to live for two centuries or three
yet here comes death to me,
a child of just 75 years old

short poem: 
I come to my death in daylesford
and here to my delight
i find, beside me, my own parents and brothers
family i can talk to

“The best way to say good bye is to intensely remember all the good things.”

Tuesday 14 January 2014


when i received a phonecall today
and a friend told me about Ivor Bowen
that he is very ill in Ballarat Hospital 
I went outside and created this totem for him
to deal ina creative way with my upsetness

those who know him
please send him a good thought
or if you believe in prayer 
send him one of those

it may just relieve his pain a little
plus the aweful nature 
of the news he received

Wednesday 8 January 2014


so that is how we started a gang
over a beer

we had an idea

during our time 
we stole about a dozen horses

we were feared

so we promoted and went to steal cars instead
we did very well

the gang in order:
tom. hendo, petrus

Don't listen to friends, when the friend inside you says, do this.


Thursday 2 January 2014

It's simple, it's 2014

a wonderful and creative
new year
to all who look at this

"Restore  Your Sense Of Wonder"