Friday 26 February 2010


Many years ago, when I hitch-hiked around the world,
I started to photograph beautifully made objects.

I found these dry stone walls above
while travelling around Ireland,
specifically around the West Coast,
in an area called the Burren,
a raw and beautiful environment.

Someone told me that people that made the walls
could be recognised by the pattern.

(someone also told me, when I was lost,
and asked for directions, to follow the smoke,
I did and came to a cottage with a smoky peat fire)

"Go outside everyday, miracles are waiting everywhere"

Tuesday 23 February 2010


This is my live in neighbour
he lives in a nest in the vine
where he sleeps most of the day
when I discovered the nest
and tried to photograph him in it
he came out, indignant, and wanted
his picture taken properly.

at night he awakes and plays
constant drum beats on the roof

He awoke me to do some more blog postings
I have been absent because I was busy
scanning 8000 images from slides into my computer

well, now I am back, and in time,
show you some of them

"scanning my past into the present"

Monday 22 February 2010


Tea for Two TeaPot

InsideOut TeaPot (handy for travelling)

DoubleBarrel TeaPot

During the seventies I was working
in a design center in Kilkenny, Ireland.
Using that which was available
which were plaster moulds
I made a series of fun tea pots
which everyone enjoyed but the boss
"this is a serious project"
"Sorry I was only trying to be Irish"

a comment left on my last posting
reminded me of this project

if the same people look at this
please make yourself known.......