Friday, 13 November 2009

a Gang-Gang gang

The other day
when enjoying a quiet cup of tea on my veranda
I was alerted to a new sound in my space
and there, not far away, I spotted a Gang Gang.
The first such bird to ever visit my garden
(or the first one I have ever seen there)

this discovery made my day
coloured it in the tone of happiness

"for man is by nature an artist"


  1. what an odd name for a bird - parrot?
    what does gang gang mean?
    the kind of noise the bird makes?

  2. i remember these from ski trips to Mt Baw Baw when i was but a wee thing. they make a splendid squawking sound.

    early this year when i was teaching in the Grampians there was a particularly helpful one at the top of a tree, flinging down lovely prunings which i scooped up for the dyepots

  3. This is one of my favourite birds. Not any around here though, too dry for them. They have a very destictive sound, it is like an old wooden door slowly creeking. I love their sound.

    What a treat to have them at your place Petrus..

  4. What an inspiration for the beginning of a day! -Jayne

  5. I arrived here via a couple of links. Such a coincidence re: the gang gang cockatoos. A couple of weeks ago we were visited by a gang of gang gangs. I've lived here on the Shipwreck Coast for over half a century and this is the first time I have sighted them. It tickled me pink.