Sunday, 18 October 2009


a view of spring

With the blue grey greens of the winter forest, for a background,

Spring's palette is emerging with wonderful brilliance in the garden.

As bright as the colours squeezed straight from the artist's tube:

Dobs of Yellow in the cups of the daffodils,

Splashes of Red around the tulips,

A hush of Blue of reflected sky in the bird bath

Shades of Purple in the Dutch Irish,

A Flush of Orange in the wall flower display

While a fresh sea of Green fills in the remaining space.

Spring's rainbow springing about.

'Trust The Day You Get Into'


  1. Petrus, I'm so sorry...I see I missed a couple of logs. I miss our long mails but I'm so busy in heliomare ( revalidation centre)
    I'll try to write to you soon!
    Do you long for daffodils (narcissen)?
    Or are they in your garden?
    If not I'll sent you some for next spring.