Wednesday, 30 September 2009


beak made bowl, clay/earth and bird spittle
The nest filled with down feathers
Detail of nest, coloured feather enhanced

Each September the swallows return to the safety of the veranda
they fly around and find a place for their annual nest building
this year they rebuilt an old nest
which a few days later, fell onto my day bed.
They started all over again
as if nothing happened
their aim, a nest, whatever the cirumstance

"To be made visible by the sight of another" anne michaels


  1. in the book 'the wind in the willows' the swallows are always in search of the house with the perfect eaves...looks as though yours is a contender...

  2. to make visible that which is nearly hidden. yes. and then to share. yes.

  3. I would love to add this to my collection of nests-- the textures turn me on-- the recurring cycle of life.

  4. feather enhanced - I guess they like their comfort too - good pics by the way!