Monday 3 August 2009


This is an image of the entrance, plus the first sign which greets you,
to an exhibition by Len Lye

An inspirational exhibition at ACMI, Federation Square, Melbourne,
featuring two aspects of Len Lye's creative career.

Part one: many examples of his work with film
where he manipulates the actual film
draws on it with colour
scratches it with various tools
all accompanied by jazz music of the era (the thirties)

Part two: Kinetic sculptures which with their strong lighting
and precise movements
created not only the most astounding shapes as a result of the movements
but also a joy in the audience which was palpable

The exhibition is on till 11th October
it is free and well worth a visit

"you must give birth to your images, they are the future waiting to be born"


  1. interesting Petrus!
    sadly enough not able to visit...but through you a little peek.


  2. Sounds so good! Thanks for the tip. xx

  3. Looks great, Petrus. Thank you for the tip. xx

  4. I love your matching red pics and comments. Sadly I am too far to see what lies beyond the stairs.......