Tuesday 25 August 2009


It started innocently last week
I had in mind to start my vegetable garden
but an hour into the project it started to rain
I came in and decided to make a cup of tea
and noticed how grubby the enamel pot was
when I washed it I also noticed all my enamel collection
on the top shelf had years of dirt accumulated
I washed each item
which led to cleaning each item in the whole of the kitchen
I then washed down the shelves, that done
went to the hardware shop and bought a tin of warm ochre paint
and painted the whole of the kitchen

"when a good idea gets out, things begin to happen"


  1. wow Petrus...what activity suddenly....now you can eat from the ground I suppose!
    Mail on the way.....

  2. i love those sudden bursts of energy. like a sudden madness. watch those cuppas......lol

  3. it's an example i should follow...

  4. A bit of 5 days early spring cleaning?

  5. Elbow grease. They should bottle it and sell it.

  6. you were always art but not always monk
    i'm gunna be a grandma some time tonight
    best wishes across the miles and the years
    hertzlichen gluckwunsch zum geburtstag