Friday 3 July 2009


I have been on a journey
(This was a while ago and because
like water in a muddy pond stirred up
takes some time to settle and clear
so too the e-motions of my journey had to settle
in order to see clearly what I have gained)
A journey which revealed those hidden kind of memories
A journey to visit and get in touch with my 96 year old mother
And seven siblings. All this too personal to publicise

Then, since I was in Adelaide I decided
to extend my journey into some long ago memories,
memories of a place I used to live.
I decided to travel to the Flinders Ranges, and Nelshaby in particular
Not the memory of Port Pirie, the town which brought me there.
It is far too ugly a town to sew any seeds of useful poetic memory
(although I had some of my best teaching experiences there)
Therefore, when my Nelshaby host, my ex-neighbour,
Mark Pearce (blog: Road Kill) pillowpassengered me into Pt Pirie
On his RoadKing Harley Davidson
The ride thrilled but nothing about that town did

To be continued…….


  1. you look sweet on the back of that beast

  2. Great series of photos, nice looking country, but I am not a biker fan.

  3. I have enjoyed the SA journey in pictures Petrus........Glennis needs a ride next.