Friday, 24 July 2009


"Mirror on the forest floor
what's revealed behind this door"

After last week's winter showers,
every where I walk I find rain-mirrors
scattered in the forest,
pulling clouds from the sky
and light into dark forest places.

'The Man who never in his mind traveled to heaven is no artist'


  1. 'rain- mirrors...pulling clouds from the sky and light into dark forest places.' What an indelible image you hsve created, words and picture so perfectly combined, focusing attention on something at the same time mundane and spectacular. This is the true work of an artist - to show us what is under all our noses all the time. Thank you once more Petrus. Don't stop.

  2. the days are indeed full of magic...

  3. I really appreciate your vision Petrus. I saw some wonderful 'mirror' images at the John Brack exhibition.

    I'm just very glad to see water in puddles and little winter creeks starting to run in the fields and forests. They're great signs of health in a struggling environment.

  4. beautiful image, beautiful words.
    Think I'll do the old copy, paste, print and enjoy this on my wall at work.
    funny, muddy, mergy, smiles coming at ya. Lynn