Wednesday, 25 March 2009


The happy kids in their new sandpit

and then 'willow' the dog came to play

My first 'play'ground was a sandpit in a small backyard in Holland
a place where my creative spirit found its childlike expression
Later in life, as an adult, and a long way from my first sandpit
I played with sand, as a street artist, in a number of city streets in Australia
creating replicas of nearby architectural features
which in time lead to the 'architectural fragment' in Melbourne
Now in Daylesford I delight in the delight of others

'it is your future you are remembering'


  1. my children [now nearly all adults] remember an enormous dirt heap we had here as their very favourite was at times a mountain, a castle and a pirate ship. they tunnelled and made paths and roads and slid down it on pieces of cardboard.
    all i had to do was to ensure regular deliveries of nourishing picnics accompanied by "grog" - a billy full of steaming hot fruit+ginger+honey+spice brew...and of course the nightly bath was essential!
    the gift of a sandpit is a wonderful thing.

  2. Oh, how lovely! I love the design with the logs.