Friday, 20 March 2009


From this.........
To this........

The rape harvesting of the forest has begun
the intense and persistent drone of the giant tree eaters

The machine grabs a tree cuts it off at the base
turns it horizontally, peels it, cuts it to size and stacks it
all in no time
In no time reducing the forest too a scene of devastation
we understand that this is tree harvesting
but it is still hard to take
having the local forest environment reduced to this

"Nothing divides one as much as thought"


  1. none of this makes any sense
    Australia has lost so many forests to fire in recent years
    that all further logging should simply cease
    if carbon is the climate culprit
    it makes sense to leave it stored in the old trees
    the most frightening thing is that without trees there will be no rain
    we're a world where reason is drying up as fast as the land

  2. This is happening around my home too and when the monkeys move into our area, stealing food from our kitchens, nobody understands that it's because their habitat is shrinking.