Monday 29 December 2008


Each year, a while before my birthday,
I allow a few weeks of space
For a word to find me.

Words such as listen, courage, kindness, discipline,
Have been part of this annual project
A word concept for the year
This year’s word, which knocked on my door, is ‘fearless’

The reason for this project is that when the going gets tough
I call upon the word and apply it to the situation
This usually results in a little movement
And where there is a little movement, a lot more is usually possible

In most cases this is enough to turn the situation around
To dig yourself out of the hole
And to lighten the load
At least that is what I found

A few years ago I marked the concept word of ‘discipline’ with a project
I called my mother and asked what time I was born
The answer was 10 minutes to midday
I named my project that
And for a year, exactly each day at Ten to Midday,
I took a photograph of where I was at the time.
This resulted in 365 images
Of which the above was one

‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’

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