Friday, 28 November 2008

Fallen Stars

This morning I found the stars
which had fallen from the sky overnight
in the field next door

Reality is the invention of unimaginative people


  1. Echt mooi


  2. there is a poem about this (by anon I believe)
    but with a slight colour change from your pic
    so i give it to you
    - sarah:

    At evening when I go to bed
    I see the stars shine overhead;
    They are the little daisies white,
    that dot the meadows of the night.

    And often when I'm dreaming so,
    across the sky the moon will go;
    It is a lady sweet and fair,
    who comes to gather daisies there.

    For when at morning i arise,
    there's not a star left in the skies;
    She's picked them all and dropped them down
    into the meadows of the town.