Wednesday 13 April 2016


a p.s. to my last blog
with an apology to those 
who find it hard to read the red font

just another thought about the work of the panel 
and those in creswick who are busy 
trying to undermine that work

allow me to comfort you dear creswick citizens
with the thought that when i was in the same position 
 designing the 'architectural fragment' 
many hated the idea of a piece of broken architecture 
     in the main street of melbourne, 
but i persevered and won the council over 
although not many of the populace
however, in time, the work got installed 
and has grown into one of melbourne's icons 
and a very well loved sculpture
which over the years has received a few awards 
of being the most popular sculpture in town 
and recently was included in 
the top 25 creative sculptures in the world.
and more recently the prestigious magazine 
architectural digest
 surveyed 11 of the world's most fascinating
sculptures and the fragment was one of them

so, dear citizens of creswick
please hang in there
don't take any notice of those undermining the work
you'll be surprised what will eventuate
when the work is in place and people, 
especially through the eyes of their kids,
will start to enjoy it  

and it will be a much visited and photographed work
 just like my fragment

petrus april 2016

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  1. Hi Mr Spronk,
    I am a year 8 student doing a project on your work "The Architectural Fragment." I have been trying to find out approximately how big the piece it is, what materials were used and what techniques did you use when making it?
    I hope you are able to help me