Monday, 7 April 2014


 many years ago
sometimes during the early 80s
when i returned from my 8 year long journey
and started to seriously consider my ceramic direction
i had my first one man exhibition
in Adelaide

i sold a bowl to an organisation
who gave it as a prize for something or other

the prize went to India Flint's mother
the same India whom i am presently having 
an exhibition with at 
the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery

on the opening day of that event 
she brought me the same bowl in many pieces
 a possum the culprit
i took it home
and with great care and attention
put it back together again

i was able to restore the form
but compromised the surface

in order to make up for that i placed some gold 
in the fillings on the collar of the bowl

'The work will teach you how to do it'


  1. Exquisite. You have painted poetry from fragments me dear.

  2. Your images and words bring tears to my eyes. Gathering shards and reassembling is a predominant theme in life, I believe. I love this reassembled piece, it is so beautiful.

  3. thank you for your kind words. grateful

  4. a beautiful thing, this tale, this restoration.