Tuesday, 10 December 2013

TheSmallestGalleryInVictoria (maybeAustralia)

some years ago, when I noticed an empty window 
at the Red Star cafe in Hepburn Springs. 

I got an idea. 
And 'when you have a good idea, act upon it'.
the idea was to create a small gallery in this space.

i proposed the idea to Ed, the owner, and he was into it.

i invited the artists on my database 
and the first one was Oliver Patsch
this was on November 2011. 
the present exhibitor is Kim Haughie
a local ceramicist

we have had painters
photographers etc.

both professionals and amateurs

the gallery is run on a volunteer basis
Ed does not charge for the space
and i do not charge for my monthly organisation time

a wonderful community project

so far we have had 25 artists in 
the 'RedStarWindowGallery'

and i have bookings until November next year

a small project with a big heart

Restore your sense of wonder

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