Monday, 28 January 2013


a few days ago,
there was a full moon.
full as a boot.
and foolish.

 careening across the sky,
it swayed and swerved between both horizons.

and, finally worn out,
falls down far, far away, 
into the gutter between heaven and earth.
to return tomorrow night,
and make merry once again.

this time a little less full.
a little less foolish.

this time drawing a strong curve across the heavens,
to disappear gently, without a splash,
into the ocean.
like a coin into a piggy bank.


"the light of the moon is like that of a 60 watt globe"


  1. beautiful imagery petrus
    'without a splash, into the ocean'

    here's a haiku in reponse:

    moon casts soft shadows
    trees lie down
    stretch out the night


  2. I wonder what the chimney is Petrus. It would be nice to watch a moon all night in her travels.

  3. Beautiful , I feel lighter for having read it...Judith

  4. Just delightful charming as when I met you back in the late 70"s I remember your little raku artworks best wishes llewena