Tuesday, 4 December 2012



The annual highland gathering in daylesford

On the first saturday in december,
stout men dress up in skirts,
stick a knife in their sock,
hang a sporin from their belt and,
blowing their pipes
banging their drums
march, in strict unison, up Vincent street

the emotionally laden music, 
which tears at your heart strings
which calls up unlived memories
which transports you into otherness
is a daylesford institution at this time of year

locals and visitors line the street and are momentarily
transformed into another place
they meet old friends and talk together
and just for a moment there is a village atmosphere

and then as a bonus for this year....... an unexpected surprise.
but for that you need to go to the next blog

' Reality is for people who can't handle drugs'

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  1. och aye
    nuthin like a chap in a skirt
    the skirlin o the pipes