Tuesday, 20 November 2012


i have been spring gardening over the last while
filling my veggie patch with colour, 
creating an annual edible artwork.
this was followed by a dream.....

While walking in Vincent Street recently....., 

which reminds me. my dream was set in Vincent Street. 
Someone, overnight and with great care, 
had removed the bitumen and rubble 
from exactly one car parking spot 
and replaced it with a vegetable and flower plot. 
A spot of bright fresh greens and many strong flower colours. 
A life mini painting as it were, sitting in the middle of Daylesford. 
So much colour in such a drab monotone area. 
People were amusedandannoyed,  delightedandangry, excitedandupset. 

However, in the main most seem to love it. 
A little investigation discovered that this act of random beauty 
was perpetrated against the community by a  local family. 
They had lost their garden and, 
since they had been paying rates in the shire all their  lives 
and did not own a car they figured they also had a right to a parking spot. 

Not being able to interpret dreams I am open to suggestions.

'reality is the invention of unimaginative people' 


  1. I walked out of a shop in Vincent St and saw 2 Tom and Pam daughters talking in the "Median Strip". I marched straight up to them and told them "You can't do that here it's a car park, there is no room for talking. If you want to do that you will have to go to the Rex Car Park where there is a bit of space or under the nearest tree". Actually I was surprised they got it straight away, but they know David Lurg since they was kids, so I did well to get 2 beautiful smiles and the tinest giggle. Lets hope the new Councillors get their green thumbs down and dirty! Cheers DNM.