Thursday, 3 November 2011


everywhere i go at the moment
the farmers are cutting their hay 
rolling it up and and 
storing it in plastic wraps

I can't help but thinking of times past
when there were haystacks
that smelled of sweet, sweet, grass

'Don't audit life. Show up and make the most of it now'


  1. it just looks like giant mozarellas...

  2. These are real haystacks, Petrus, that must've smelt good and felt good. Whatever have we done to our senses, that we must wrap our produce in plastic, and think of it as product in an assembly line? We have certainly de-valued human instinct that it is now the poor relative of the masterful human will, so unstoppable in its glittering achievements, so very divorced from Nature.

  3. plastic farm waste is such a big problem, too. i think those covered bales and long white "worms" are the antithesis of handwork and farming.

  4. How wonderful to see pictures of real haystacks! Part of my youthful memories and its hard to know when last I saw one here in the Uk come to think of it.
    As you roll past fields now you do see huge rolls of plastic wrapped 'mozarellas' lol yes and often them stacked 6 or more high in huge stockpiled, deep blocks, for storage.
    And they call it progress..........