Tuesday, 27 September 2011


this morning i awoke to the surprise of spring
the window frame of a life painting
filled overnight with the magic of colour
splashed about in great abundance
with the enthusiasm of a child's art

another Aahhh..... moment

we seem to be perishing for want of wonder
not for want of wonders


  1. Yes, Petrus, we are forgetting how to apprehend the world with spontaneity, preferring our view to be authorised by public opinion/fashion/where the money is.
    We all need to keep our windows open, as you have here.

  2. Petrus,

    Your work is stunning! I am happy to see that you are well. Although we spoke on the phone only a few times, I have not forgotten the beauty of your work. I am Maggie, Sophia's ex sister-in-law from the States. I wish you well!