Thursday, 21 April 2011


I made some hot cross buns today
I make them once a year
it used to be something special
bread with fruit, like cake.

there used to be lots of food
which appeared only once per year
for special events and festivities
which used to be special
now you can buy them year around
more of it? Not so special anymore.
Then there is seasonal food
once this was available only in the season
now it is available year around
Not so special anymore

By having so much
very little is special

'First we raise the dust, then we claim we cannot see'


  1. Well done Uncle, you are right, they don,t seem so special when you can buy them most of the for making them...mmm should have a go one day! guess we get too used of the easy packaged stuff..oh well,I will certainly enjoy the packaged chocolate with the boys this weekend(again, not so special when its available all year, but the boys seem to think so)Have a happy Easter from Jackie xx

  2. I agree, it isn't the same when the Easter stuff is out as soon an Christmas is gone.
    I saw some of your work at the Old Convent in Daylesford. Lovely piece.

  3. So you like to bake too! Glad I found your blog back:)