Monday, 28 March 2011


One of the most beautiful words in our language
A loaf of Bread, one of the most beautiful things to behold

I make bread weekly. I do not measure. This is what I do.
I take a bowl and put some dry yeast into it
I add warm milk, a spoonful of sugar (to feed the yeast)
and enough flour to make a runny mixture.
I place a tea towel over it and let it rise.

I pour some warm milk over a bowl filled with rolled oats

when the bread starter has risen to three times its volume,
I drop 2 eggs into it, some poppy seeds, some sunflower seeds,
a handful of wholemeal flour, the soaked oats
and enough plain flour to make a soft pliable dough.
Mix it all together and knead it so that it becomes nice and stretchy.

Let it rise, when it is twice its volume, punch it down to get rid of the gasses 
which helped the dough to rise. It is necessary to get rid of them so that they do not kill the yeast
Let the dough rise again and once more punch it down. 
Now add a little salt (last because it kills the yeast)
form the dough and drop into loaf pan
Rise in a warm place and when risen place in an 160 degree oven
you know when the bread is done,
when you push a knitting needle into it and it comes out clean.

One of the most beautiful smells on earth

'The poet and the baker, both nourish the world'


  1. yum! it IS easier than people think.. my older son just made some multi grain the other day that was outstanding. it has been so cool and rainy here on the northwest coast of the usa the only hard part was finding a warm spot to rise the dough in.

  2. I am inspired to make some bread like this......thanks