Tuesday, 11 January 2011


It was a rainy day, which stopped me from finishing a paint project.
I used the opportiunity of the rain softened earth to pull some weeds
in readiness for some more vegetable planting
Then, inside I decided to make bread.
I took a mixing bowl and placed a handful of flour, 
some dry yeast, a spoonfull of sugar (food for the yeast)
and some warm water, mixed it and let it stand.
I mashed some cold potatoes with cream to a creamy substance
when the flour mix was bubbly and twice its volume
I added the potato, a couple of eggs 
and enough flower to make a pliable dough
Nothing was measured, its simply bread, an ancient food 
I kneaded it and let it rise, punched it down
kneaded it once more let it rise and punched it down again
kneaded it again and shaped it into two balls
placed them into a bread tin, proofed it and baked it 

'It is nice to be kneaded'

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