Monday, 30 August 2010



the blowhole at Hepburn has been created
by Chinese miners.
By dynamiting a hole in the rock bridge/wall
and thus creating a diversion in the Old Sailors Creek.
Not quite sure why, but related to
gold mining techniques.

We are left with the blowhole
Always worth a visit, however, these days,
with great amounts of water everywhere

it is an intense place for a energising visit.

The power of the water,
gushing with great energy,

from the rock hole, is palpable,
and transferred to the viewer

Visit the blow hole for an energiser



  1. Hi Petrus, you know I have never heard of this altho' I am Australian. I live in Canada now but we visit regularly and so I'll keep this in mind. The picture reminds me of the energy imparted when standing near waterfalls. G.

  2. Hello, Friend! I've been away from my blog and, in fact, the blog-o-sphere for several month. But tonight I was looking at the online version of HandEye magazine and was delighted to find you again. Oh, how much I enjoyed reading your story. Lots of goodness going on in my life. Hope your's is the same.....Pat

  3. Thank you for your comment on mine. I didn't respond over home but I did want to say that I liked your blog when I came across the shadow on tree photo. Was it CS Lewis - Shadowlands? G.