Wednesday 2 June 2010


Forest Eyes

The forest is impassive. The forest is indifferent.

It does not care, yet is beautiful nevertheless.

The forest is silent. Yet I found words everywhere,

in and around the trees, all across the sky, in reflections of puddles.

Everywhere I looked and listened.

I gathered a few handfuls of these words

I took them home and placed them on the table.

I arranged and re-arranged them

and from the silence of the forest magic, a story.

everywhere forest eyes are silently watching me

'You Already Have All You Need'


  1. trees are the standing species. They watch over us and have seen everything.
    If take time you hear stories as you told us.
    Beautiful mystical very special intense piece of writing Petrus...but you always do!
    kus sprokkelaar
    van een jutter