Friday, 26 February 2010


Many years ago, when I hitch-hiked around the world,
I started to photograph beautifully made objects.

I found these dry stone walls above
while travelling around Ireland,
specifically around the West Coast,
in an area called the Burren,
a raw and beautiful environment.

Someone told me that people that made the walls
could be recognised by the pattern.

(someone also told me, when I was lost,
and asked for directions, to follow the smoke,
I did and came to a cottage with a smoky peat fire)

"Go outside everyday, miracles are waiting everywhere"


  1. amazing the beauty of this kind of hard labour..and what a smart idea..follow the sounds like a fairytale.

    Je ne cherche pas je trouve.

  2. you're full of surprises my friend!

  3. I love stones and have really gotten into the 'placement' of stones in Japanese gardens, but am glad to see stacking and placing of stones from other cultures and countries.

  4. So very intriguing... 'recognized by the pattern' and looking as though it were made with a crochet hook! -Jayne

  5. These are beautiful stone walls, they are obviously depicted by the type of available local stone. I love the shapes and patterns within these walls.


  6. These are amazingly intricate can one make large heavy stones look so delicate?