Thursday 31 December 2009


scanned images from sand works I created in
the early days of the 90s
into the last day of 09 (I just made it)

These works were made for the Adelaide Festival of Arts
and depict various architectural aspects of the city

In order of appearance an aspect of:
the art gallery
the museum
the parliament

Happy creative new year

"Make your work movements as unhurried as caresses"


  1. wish i'd seen them...i was living in Andamooka at the time and rarely came down to the city
    we might have reconnected a little earlier!
    Happy New Year, my friend.

  2. happy new year, petrus. hoping it brings you lots of creativity, opportunity, and joy.

    i really like the quote at the end of this post.

  3. Let 2010 caresses you softly...and thank you for your wise and sweet comments last year.

    gelukkig nieuwjaar Petrus!

  4. Thanks for posting more of this side of your (older) work. I love the scale and the temporary-ness of it all.
    Best wished for 2010!. May you be blessed more than ever. -J

  5. Happy New Year, dear blogger friend! Hope you'll create more of the artworks that are in the pics above!

  6. Thanks for showing me your beautiful sculptures. They are amazing. I loved the cake, and now these are just incredible.

    "Make your work movements as unhurried as caresses" a mantra for slow art...happy, careful enjoyment.