Friday 27 February 2009


"There is something sinister also about this dreadful tragedy of 2009, although the character of it is different. Those of us who know and love these forests and the people who live in or near them are especially haunted. In 1939, some of the ignorance and innocence was forgivable, perhaps. “Black Friday” was a late, rude awakening from the colonial era of forest exploitation and careless fire use, and it demanded that people confront and reform their whole relationship with the bush."

from an article which recently came my way. If you would like the whole of the article, which explains events in a different way, email me on and I'll forward it to you
stay safe and don't panic

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  1. hello Petrus,

    we met [more than 20 years ago] when you were living near Port Pirie, I think? my family has one of your lovely burnished clay vessels.
    it's good to discover you're still walking the earth.
    best wishes