Wednesday, 5 September 2012


special seating will be limited

an artist talk, without the talk
a show and not tell.

where artist petrus spronk, shares his art education,
his apprenticeship, his extensive travels
and consequent art career in images 
and some music.

be amazed, be surprised,
(as in, you did not know the above 
was one of his works)
be enchanted, be entertained, 
be excited, be inspired, 
by a visual feast of many intriguing images.
there are some beautiful things
which he has seen and experienced
and which are now part of him
and from which he continues to draw
aesthetic considerations  
which make his work special.

where: daylesford neighbourhood house
when: 5th of October
time: 7 pm
cost: members of clayspace, free
non members $ 5.00

'if you don't know where you are going,
it doesn't matter how you get there'


  1. i quoted your very words quite recently on FB
    - if i weren't in Ohio at the time i would come to hear the story

  2. Not knowing what's going on or where you're going can indicate a closeness to where you're meant to be. We presume to know where we're going. The reality is, we haven't a clue, but like to sound confident.
    Thus, in darkness light can be found, and in light, darkness can be found.
    Hmm, Petrus. Things aren't as bad as they look. We're more looked-after than we realise.

  3. i won't be able to be there, though i wish i could.