Saturday, 22 September 2012


 i recently took a journey north
to the town of bellingen
the journey took me through a soft green landscape
where groups of trees stood knee deep in
large fields of golden light
for mile after mile

i camped near this landscape
which reminded me of a fred williams painting

in parts the landscape was growing,
the flat was flatter, the horizons wider
and the roads as if drawn with a ruler

then all of a sudden i was back in the land of the big brown paddock

 or this moody landscape
where i sat for hours contemplating
my good luck in having danced the big C out of my life
for now that is

and later the curves are back into the road
the straight roads left behind
the dead straight, emphasis on 'dead'
or the straight and narrow
an equally 'leave it behind' concept

and finding peaceful places to camp

in all a journey filled with wonder
the wonder of the ever changing vistas
from the flat to the undulating to the mountainess
and how privileged i am to be in it
to partake in its beauty
and to be continuously surprised by its aahhhh.... factor

"After each big event, take some time off"


  1. Petrus, hi. Glad to hear you're able to be winding your way back from 'the Big C'. Glad to hear you're touching base with country you love.
    God bless, Faisal.

  2. thank you for sharing this trip. time off, indeed.