Saturday, 4 July 2009


The lovely hospitality and generosity of the Pearce family
In opening their home to me for a marvelous weekend family-like experience
(Even though I hadn’t visited for 23 years, when I left the district)
Was absolutely wonderful because it allowed me full access
to those sleeping Flinders ranges memories
(the passing of time was marked most tellingly by their two children
who, when I left, were kids of 3 and 6
and now are both fabulous adults of 26 and 29 )

During the weekend memories surfaced, like watered seeds in spring
Strong and shaping memories

Strong memories of the landscape,
the power of a landscape with its quiet million years old intensity re-revealed.
Revealed once again also its poetic beauty regardless of the seasons
An ancient landscape which imprinted in my mind the story of primal beginnings
Which so strongly featured as part of the beginnings of my ceramic studio work
And to which I return again and again

To be continued…….


  1. you always return to your impressions who are stocked in your head somewhere...beautiful description....

  2. so nice to see the foothills so green after the long drought......