Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Another magical moment in the home garden,
there for the taking.

It had just rained and the skeletal branches
of the birch trees
supported numerous raindrops.
Each one reflecting the world around it

all of the draped tingling veil
suspended in front of the colourful foliage of the oak,
the last tree to shed its leaves
autumn in winter
leaves waiting for the new growth to push them off
'time to go colour, green is here'

"The mysterious is not how the world is, but that it is."


  1. Stunning! Such a beautiful picture you paint! Call us and come over for pasta soon. XX

  2. i love birch trees...they are wonderful at all times of the year, whether bare and dripping with rain in winter or rustling their green leaves in summer...

  3. photographic and lyrical. Thank you. Being so far from home it"s an absolute treat to see familiar landscapes and snippets of your life in Daylesford. You have a fabulous way of bringing forth the magical beauty in the everyday, transcending the mundane.
    Keep it up